Doctor Anabela Cardoso and Professor David Fontana

1 – Professor Senkowski, you are one of the pioneers of work in the field of Instrumental Transcommunication, and you actually invented the term. What first aroused your interest in the subject?

In 1974 I accidentally saw a German TV discussion between Friedrich Jürgenson – the pioneer of EVP – the parapsychologist Prof. Hans Bender and some other scientists and journalists. Jürgenson stated his conviction that he observed extraordinary voices on magnetic tapes seemingly generated by so-called dead persons. I got the impression that Jürgenson was not treated correctly and as a sceptical physicist I decided to control his observations by own experiments.

2 – What convinced you that the results are paranormal?

I started my first experiments without detailed background knowledge. The immediate results showed that Jürgenson’s assertions were true: I found understandable voices telling: ‘We are the dead’ and ‘The dead are thinking and speaking’. The characteristics were clearly paranormal.

3 – Can you tell us something of your own experiences please?

From the beginning I recorded mixed short-wave radio transmissions with a reel-to-reel machine, asking the unnamed ‘friends in the beyond’ to answer. In many cases they reacted immediately and referred to me and my surroundings.

4 – Who do you believe the communicators to be?

In official materialistic science there is no way to ‘prove’ the identity of those who apparently create the extraordinary voices. If the general idea of conscious life after death is accepted I see no reason to reject the basic validity of these communications, that is, most communicators are indeed deceased humans and possibly some “exotic” non-human entities.

5 – As a physicist, have you any theory as to how spirit communicators can influence electronic equipment such as tape recorders and radios?

A possible hypothesis consists of a simple ‘two-step’-model using parapsychological terms: A being from beyond could telepathically influence the mind of the terrestrial operator who for his part unconsciously injects the information into an electronic device by psychokinetic faculties. Probably we are not justified to treat the process in this analytic way, it is more likely to use a holistic model in which the – at least three – components cannot be separated. By logic, direct influencing of our apparatus from beyond cannot be excluded.

6 – What method of ITC do you consider to be the most successful?

The answer depends on the definition of the term “successful”. If we look for the number we may say it’s the voices on tapes, which regrettably are often of bad quality. Few cases of direct voices and especially some paranormal computer texts have shown that nearly faultless dialogues are possible.

7 – Have you any examples in your files of communicators who have given details of their lives on earth that have clearly established their identities?

In my own experience as well as in that of other experimenters, the entities tried their best to establish their identity. For instance the German operator Adolf Homes received a group of details from the late Prof. Bender’s lifetime which Homes did not know. They were afterwards found to be correct in Bender’s biography.

8 – Why do you think that your fellow scientists are still so sceptical of the paranormal, and particularly of ITC?

The official scientific community is based on materialistic paradigms which have been established through several centuries. The technical applications seem to work efficiently. Any questioning of the fundamental notions has always be rejected by the establishment during the history of science. Moreover science is a complex of human activities and many personal fears must be considered.

9 – Can anyone obtain ITC results, given the appropriate effort and commitment ? What would be your advice to beginners?

It seems that at least the voices on tapes can be realized by anyone with sufficient perseverance. The results depend upon sort of psychic ability or mediumistic faculty of the operator which to a varying extent are inherent in any individual. A beginner should work periodically not putting himself under stress, he should instead switch to a meditative state of mind. He should not become addictive and always keep his own decisions. I strongly recommend to be very careful in the interpretation of voices that are heavily distorted, disturbed or covered by noise.

10 – Do you think that the receiver’s own psychic abilities play some part in successful results?

Yes, this has been already expressed above.

11 – Anabela Cardoso’s communicators say they are from Timestream Station. Have you any direct experience of this group ?

No. My experience was only with the couple Harsch-Fischbach in Luxemburg during the 80’s of last century.

12 – What have your learned from the communicators?

As a physicist I was lead to accept the existence of extraordinary psychophysical interactions finally resulting in my interest in consciousness research. As a human with Roman Catholic upbringing I developed a spiritualistic perspective of life independent of dogmatic religion.

13 – How important is ITC when compared to other methods of spirit communication such as mediumship?

At present ITC is clearly inferior to mediumistic communications. This is mainly due to the amount of material. Nevertheless a short ITC-passage as a direct personal experience of somebody who lost his beloved may reduce grief and strongly ease the further life of the bereaved. I reject the idea that the contents and forms of ITC are more valid or “proof” than good mediumistic utterances.

14 – What do you consider to be the future of ITC?

Since the first paranormal voices have been observed in 1952 in Italy, half a century has passed and apart from a very limited number of excellent results I am unable to see much progress if not a spread-out to many countries. It has been shown that ICT in good quality is indeed possible, but so far there is no sufficient knowledge to develop special means and methods for a reliable communication. I suppose that a possible future evolution preferably depends on the development of conscious psychophysical interactions. This might be a very slow process including a change in our human and spiritual attitudes.

Thank you dear Professor Senkowski for sharing with the readers of the ITC Journal your wise opinions and your remarkable experience in the field of ITC research.


Interview with Professor Ernst Senkowski


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