Ernst Senkowski: The Luxembourg Connection 



Electronic Devices Used At Luxembourg



Three Outstanding Examples of Contacts

     A Grosseto-Luxembourg Reference

     A Transatlantic TC-Experiment

     A Strange Cross-Correspondence


Final Remarks



From the late 1980s onwards I took part in several ITC sessions with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach in Luxembourg. In most cases my wife Adelheid was with me. The Harsch-Fischbachs (H-Fs) generously welcomed and looked after us. Around 1985, like many other experimenters, they had started ITC-work by taping extraordinary voices, and subsequently the transcommunication phenomena had developed the full acoustic and visual spectrum. In the course of this work the H-Fs founded the ‘Circle d’ Etudes sur la Transcommunication du Luxembourg’ (CETL) and began to publish a newsletter. On the strength of their excellent results they endeavoured to promote further ITC development by establishing the ‘International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication’ (INIT) in the nineties. However, in recent years the H-Fs appear to have reduced or suspended their experiments and their public work.

Electronic Devices Used in Luxembourg

With one or two exceptions the CETL operators used normal household domestic electronic equipment, such as ultra-shortwave radios, telephones, answering machines, TV-sets and a non-network computer. For some time they also used a ‘translator’, i.e. a voice-modulated high frequency oscillator. The first direct radio voices received by them came through one of two similar radio receivers tuned to around 90 MHz on the frequency of the official European personal call signal. They named this arrangement ‘Eurosignal-Bridge’. Their TV was nearly disabled, and the screen was occasionally irradiated with infrared and/or ultraviolet light. As in the case of the German experimenter Adolf Homes, the anomalous computer texts they received developed from continuous strings of words to correctly separated words and sentences.  Most voices (DRV) were of excellent clarity, and in the case of the regular communicators remained recognisably characteristic.


In the course of time many interested, quite critical and competent people observed the work of the H-Fs. As far as I know, none of them ever challenged the sincerity of the operators. Unsupported imputations of fraud came only from people without relevant background or awareness of the actual facts, which latter apparently included special psychic faculties on the part of the H-Fs. Among the well-known and well-informed observers were George W. Meek (USA), The Rev. Prof. François Brune (France),  Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Resch (Austria), Dr. Theo Locher (Switzerland), Tina Laurent (England), Sarah Estep (USA), Prof Walter Uphoff (USA), Burkhard Heim, Dr. Ralf Determeyer, Jochem Fornoff, Hildegard Schäfer (Germany), and physicist Ron Bryan (Great Britain). In many cases the visitors received personal messages and were able to conduct fluent conversations with the communicators.


More than 50 different entities communicated, making shorter or longer contacts, and often spontaneously addressing the attendees. The subjects dealt with included general topics and responses to questions. Some communicators apparently belonged to a group called Timestream (Co-Time), the members of which stressed the need to synchronize their time concepts with ours.

From the beginning the late pioneer of VOT (Voices on Tape or EVP), Konstantin Raudive, played an important role in the communications, dealing principally with philosophical and humanistic matters.

The leading communicator, whom the experimenters called the ‘Technician’, described himself as a ‘non-human entity’. As such he seemed to find difficulty in adapting to our human thought patterns. He typically introduced and closed the contacts, and there was something of the stern ‘angel’ about him, with his use of extremes such as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in the style of the Old Testament.

The female communicator who gave her name as Swejen Salter, (an anagram in German of ‘enigmatic being’), described herself as a deceased scientist from the parallel world Varid, who after her death transited to the higher-dimensional world Marduk, and from there established the contacts with the Earth. Through the mediation of the H-Fs, I exchanged several scientifically based computer-texts with her, and discovered that she found it extremely difficult if not impossible to translate her explanations into human concepts.

 Three Outstanding Contacts

As mentioned above, the H-Fs had to face violent attacks that in the light of the abundance and quality of the evidence were completely unjustified. Three examples of this evidence suffice to reliably prove that the communications received were unquestionably ‘paranormal’.

A Grosseto-Luxembourg Reference

The first example is quite straightforward.  On June 6, 1986, I had received an instrumental transcommunication at Marcello Bacci’s studio at Grosseto in Italy. The communicating entity, Cordula Alain, addressed me by name and spoke the German sentence Die Abstellkammer ist letzte (the lumber-room is last), obviously referring to the fate of my father who in 1959 was shifted to the lumber-room of the hospital shortly before his death.  On September 6 of the same year, I was in Luxembourg for the first time, together with my wife. The deceased communicator Konstantin Raudive addressed me with the sentence Sie haben den Satz empfangen von der Abstellkammer (You have received the sentence of the lumber-room). Please, dear readers – can anyone tell me how by normal means the H-Fs in Luxembourg could have known the remark made by Cordula to me in Grosseto in order to give me this sentence?

Raudive then went on to say For once it must be said: as long as you have not solved the problem of death and made dying humane, the whole progress of humanity is of little worth. Till that point in time you will stay half-conscious animals. The human as a partly spacetimeless being belongs to the most varied fields and dimensions.

2  A Transatlantic TC Experiment

The second outstanding example, known as ‘A transatlantic TC experiment’, consisted of a number of interconnected stages, as explained in due course below.

On the evening of April 22nd 1987 (previous to the first of these stages), George W. Meek from Franklin, North Carolina, USA, the former promoter of the Spiricom transcommunications, while unaware of the telephone number of the H-Fs, informed me by telephone that the transgroup Lifeline, with which he was in touch through a medium, had announced that they intended to contact the H-Fs in Luxembourg via Zeitstrom (Timestream) the following day at a pre-arranged time. I left a message to this effect on the H-Fs’ answer-phone, and shortly afterwards received their reply that they were willing to participate in the experiment. Subsequently, at 7 p.m. on April 23rd 1987, they reported the successful outcome in Luxembourg, which involved four distinct stages.

1) The Technician announced the existence of the experiment in German, and then handed over to the transgroup Lifeline.

2) Maggy H-F then conversed for three minutes with Lifeline communicator Nelson D. Rockefeller in English, a conversation that was interrupted several times by a normal radio transmission on 90 MHz.

3) The Technician then closed the contact, speaking in German.

4) On the suggestion of the Technician, Maggy H-F informed Mr. Meek and myself by telephone of these results.

In this really spectacular case we are confronted with a complex holistic process, partly telepathic (mediumistic) in the USA, partly instrumental in Luxembourg, and supported by several technical telecommunication links. The experiment constitutes a documented objective verification of the ‘one-world-concept’ and of the expanded quantum theoretical entanglement.

3  A Strange Cross-Correspondence

The third example occurred on June 19th, 1991.  After the announcement by the communicators of an imminent transcontact, the German ITC operator Adolf Homes, before leaving his home in Rivenich, switched on his receiving devices. On his return he found these devices were switched off. The tape-recorder stood on end and contained a 10 minute recording of a message from a communicator using the name Hans Bender (a famous deceased Parapsychologist from Freiburg/Germany). In a subsequent telephone conversation with the H-Fs, Adolf learned (as he afterwards confirmed to me by letter) that at precisely the same time, the identical message had arrived in Luxembourg on the PC, framed by two additional remarks from Homes’ deceased mother Elise Karoline at Station Centrale. Only three unimportant differences could be found between the recording received by Homes and the computer text received by the H-Fs.  The details of the messages, translated into English, are given below.  First there is an introductory passage received only in Luxembourg, and then there is the (slightly abbreviated) identical message received both in Luxembourg by the H-Fs and in Germany by Adolf Homes.  Finally there is a postscript received only in Luxembourg.

Introductory Passage Received Only in Luxemburg

Station Centrale to station Luxemburg 19-06-91 10:30 Elise Caroline Homes greets all (those) interested from stations Centrale and Timestream. To furnish a further proof of our collaboration we transmit to you a text that this day has been put through also to my son Adolf. I hand the device over to a newcomer in our group.

 Identical Communication Received Both in Luxemburg and in Rivenich (slightly abbreviated)

Here is a contact from the deceased Hans Bender from Freiburg ….. You are right in your decision to be sparing with publications since you are still a target of ridicule for too many people. ….. Each of you receives those contacts from us which we deem appropriate on the basis of your state of consciousness and the state/condition of your souls. ….. I am visiting Freiburg and am feeling very well. ….. Very pleased was I when at my passing (among others) I noticed Raudive. I was even very pleased about a scientist deceased before me, who during (his) lifetime had been an objector to our (post-mortem) existence. We were opponents only on your side [i.e. on Earth]. ….. As to the immortal soul, so we tell you that it is present in the entire universe and can be everywhere at the same time. It feels sadness and happiness as we do. But there are men who are closer to their souls than others. We (the) dead aim at creating an instrument by which positive men are enabled to contact our mental/spiritual world. Please give my regards to Dr. Senkowski, Dr. Delavre, Mr. Meek, as well as to Dr. Determeyer and Mr. Steiner. Contact ended.

 Only in Luxemburg:

Hans insists on saying that he regrets the matter/affair of Strassburg. He had to experience personally what doubt can represent ….. I close this contact. Elise Karoline Homes.


Considering all the relevant circumstances we have to exclude normal explanations for the voice received by Adolf Homes and for the computer-text received in Luxembourg. A further two important considerations support the non-locality (and therefore anomalous nature) of these proceedings.  Firstly, an astonishing phenomenon occurred in connection with Alfons Steiner, an Austrian parapsychologist, whose acquaintanceship with Bender was unknown to all the individuals involved in the above examples. When questioned by myself, Alfons surprisingly explained that in a conversation with Prof. Bender in Vienna on May 29th 1984 on the subject of the continuance of life after death and the reality of transcommunications he had expressed his scepticism, to which Bender had responded by promising that ‘if possible after his death he would send him a sign of survival via a third party’.

Secondly, an impressive fact is the enigmatic reference by Bender in the postscript received only in Luxembourg to the fact that he regrets the matter/affair of Strassburg. Elmar Gruber, a former student of Prof. Bender who wrote the biography of his teacher, told me that during his time in Strassburg Hans Bender had played a trick in order to ‘prove’ the presumed fraud practised by a volunteer. This unethical behaviour had almost cost him the support of his sponsor.

Final Remarks

I would like to close this article by quoting a message from the deceased Konstantin Raudive on December 4th 1988 concerning  the limited value of the anthropomorphic causality concept that is intimately associated with the linear time-flow concept.

The basic error of the as yet predominating material science with you consists in that you try to apply the law of cause and effect, which is correct within a limited area of your existence, to all appearances, even to those where it has no validity.

Less informed insiders and complete outsiders might rightfully question the meaning and significance of ITC. There are probably as many answers to this question as there are enquirers, which means we have to deal with a high degree of subjectivity. It is quite comprehensible that most ITC practitioners will be satisfied by a convincing voice seemingly coming from a ‘departed’ relative. But for a philosopher or a scientist the whole complex subject is regarded as challenging the persistent validity of our ‘normal’ world-view. Nearly one hundred years after the development of relativity and quantum theory, advanced scientists at last are beginning to recognise the fundamental importance of consciousness in constructing and structuring our ‘world’, typically through the use of language.  This constructed ‘world’ is not only a theoretical concept, it has been shown (e.g. by William Tiller) in careful laboratory work that the human mind, with suitable motivation and under suitable conditions, can in fact actually alter so-called natural laws. This is evidenced by the results of ITC and by the results of the scientific ‘Global Consciousness Project GCP’ initiated by Roger Nelson that demonstrated that some measurable modifications of electronic noise are correlated with world-wide emotional events.

In my view there is nothing miraculous about any form of what is described as mind-matter interaction if we regard matter as a ‘frozen’ form of consciousness. In the light of this it would be odd if we could not influence matter or even dematerialize and rematerialize ‘objects’.  However, our inability to do so ad lib makes sense when we consider that our irrational human emotions would soon lead us to create chaos.

In addition to these theoretical considerations the validity of ITC is also recognisable by virtue of the fact that the content of ITC communications is frequently in agreement with the utterances of some mediums. In both instances stress is placed firstly upon the need for us to modify our conscious perception and evaluation of our experiences, and secondly and even more urgently upon the need to accentuate our spiritual development by means of responsible love in all its forms, leading ultimately to the transrational mystical states that may anticipate our irrevocable unity in and with the All-That-Is.


Theo Locher – Maggy Harsch: ‘Transcomunicacão’ (Portuguese). Editora Pensamento, Sao Paulo (1992)

Ernst Senkowski: ‘Transcommunication’ (English). http://www.worlditc.org -> Books



The ITC Corner


2 thoughts on “The ITC Corner

  1. Gabriele says:

    Sconvolgente scoperta di un radioamatore italiano appassionato di parapsicologia, le comunicazioni dei “defunti” arriverebbero a noi attraverso il Campo Magnetico.
    La Fisica tradizionale rifiuta la possibilità, ma i migliaia di contatti ottenuti in anni di sperimentazione, confermano la scoperta.
    Attraverso il C. Magnetico (che è la Forza più grande dell’Universo) potrebbero giungere a noi anche comunicazioni da altri mondi o Dimensioni, sino ad oggi la ricerca si è basata esclusivamente di ricercare nel Campo Elettromagnetico, per capirci è il sistema classico delle tradizionali comunicazioni, scoperte ed elaborate da Guglielmo Marconi.
    Nikola Tesla forse, ne era stato il precursore.
    Gabriele Mutti
    Radioamatore IK1SLO
    Shocking discovery of an Italian amateur radio enthusiast parapsychology, the communications of the “dead” would to us through the magnetic field.
    The traditional physics rejects the possibility, but the thousands of contacts made through years of testing, confirm the discovery.
    is the classic system by C. Magnetic (which is the greatest force of the universe) might come to us even communications from other worlds or dimensions, to date, the research has relied solely to seek in the Electromagnetic Field, to understand the traditional communications, discovered and developed by Guglielmo Marconi.
    Nikola Tesla, perhaps, was its precursor.
    Gabriele Mutti
    Amateur Radio IK1SLO

  2. I think you are right caro Gabriele. Unfortunately I am not a physicist or a radio operator, therefore my opinion has not much technical value. But I think you may be right, yes. Grazie mille!

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